• Mastatest®

    Clever on-farm mastitis testing

  • Clever on-farm mastitis testing

  • Mastatest®

    Clever on-farm mastitis testing

  • Mastatest®

    Clever on-farm mastitis testing


Mastatest® provides faster and more precise mastitis diagnosis on farm


By conducting mastitis milk tests on farm or in vet clinics in a revolutionary way, the new Mastatest® system has a faster turn around time to deliver results. More importantly, the Mastatest® system provides outcomes related to antibiotic sensitivities of commonly used mastitis products.

The initial development of Mastatest® was developed within the University Otago, New Zealand.

This innovation comprises the patented Mastatest® and a Lapbox™. Using cutting-edge cloud-based IT solutions enables Mastatest® to deliver diagnostic results to your inbox in three simple steps.

The Mastatest® system is an essential tool for cost-effective antimicrobial usage and prescription practices at farm level.


How Mastaplex Works

3 simple steps to obtain diagnostic results


Load cartridge

Easy and fast filling of Mastatest® with milk on site


Testing starts

Either on farm or at vet clinic. Data uploaded to the cloud using Lapbox™


Results in 24 hours

Results sent to farmer and/or veterinarian via email alerts


Developed, designed and tested in New Zealand


The Mastatest® system is a leading approach to on-farm mastitis diagnosis. This innovative, patented system uses an electronic eye to collect data for a colormetric analysis. This makes processing test samples faster, more reproducible and more convenient than ever before.

Developed by Dr Olaf Bork and his team at the Centre for Innovation, Dunedin, the Mastatest® system is the result of many years’ research and development.

If you would like to know more about the Mastatest® system, please contact us.