The Lapbox™ is a disruptive new technology in the animal health industry. It enables cloud-based bacteria diagnostics for mastitis. It contains an electronic eye, a heater and software.

The Lapbox™ is placed on-farm and beams data to a cloud-computing analysis software. This data is then evaluated remotely. Once the results are confirmed they are immediately reported to the farmer and vet, so livestock can be treated appropriately and quickly.


Previously, it took 3-5 days to deliver diagnostic results. Now, with the advent of the cloud-linked Lapbox™, results can be reported within 24 hours. No shipment of biological samples is required anymore!

The Mastatest® assays work on colour change phenomena which is captured with an electronic eye. This data is transmitted to the cloud, via the Lapbox™, where analytical algorithms take over. In this way, interpretations errors can be avoided and results can be audited. Further this data are electronically recorded and can be used for disease management strategies.

The Lapbox™ can run four Mastatests in parallel. These tests can be begun at any time, independent of each other or all at once. The Lapbox™ display allows you to enter the cow number and the quarter from which milk has been sampled, to help you keep track of the testing process. Once a Mastatest® has begun, a countdown displays the time remaining until the test cycle is complete.


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