Mastatest® product is a completely new approach to on-farm mastitis diagnosis. Cloud-based IT solutions enables Mastaplex to deliver Mastatest® results to your email box in only three simple steps.

This innovation requires a minimum of technical skill to operate. It takes only a few second to fill the Mastatest® cartridge. Next, it automatically generates results within 24 hours. This automaticity removes errors of interpretation and reduces the time commitment required of the farmer or vet.

How Mastatest® works:

The Mastatest® is a colormetric test®; it works by observing and interpreting color change phenomena.

First, Mastatest® checks if a bacteria infection is present. If no bacteria are present
then the potential infection is not caused by bacteria and therefore does not need
an antibiotic treatment.

If the milk sample contains mastitis causing bacteria then Mastatest® delivers critical information to guide antibiotic treatment choice. Mastatest® relates the antibiotic sensitivity of the mastitis causative organism to three antibiotic groups widely used in the NZ market. From this information, an appropriate antibiotic can be selected for the treatment of mastitis. Mastatest® can also be adapted, to report on other antibiotics used in the global market.

Finally, the test identifies any of the four main types of mastitis causing organisms: Streptococcus uberis, Staphylococcus aureus & coagulase negative Staphylococcus and Coliform (gram-) bacteria (such as E. Coli, Klebsiella).

Results are uploaded to the cloud via the Lapbox™ and reported directly back to the farmer and vet. These results guide farmers and vets to choose the appropriate antibiotic treatment for each cow - one that is specific for the pathogenic organism and its sensitivity profile.

Mastatest® facilitates the monitoring of antibiotic susceptibility regionally, nationally and globally. This monitoring/surveillance approach provides a database of antibiotic susceptibility and other related animal & disease information.

Are you interested in cost-effective on- or off-farm mastitis milk testing from cows or goats to carry out mastitis research? If yes, then click here.

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